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The Harpenden Society’s stand at the 2nd June 2012 Jubilee Day celebrations on Harpenden Common was staffed by Chris Marsden, Richard Thomas, Mike Waddilove, Penny Alcock, John Davis, Eric Midwinter and Bob Fletcher. The prize draw was won by S. Cooke with B. Batchelor and G. Smith winning the second and third prizes respectively.

June 2012 - Jubilee Day Celebrations

The Society’s stand- Jubilee Celebrations

Tony Stone (left) with the Society’s Richard Thomas

Tony Stone from the NHS gave a talk titled “The Local Ambulance Service and the Role of Paramedics". Tony’s talk covered the paramedic emergency medical services for Harpenden. Tony Stone explained the difference between the traditional ambulances and the quick response cars based at the Harpenden Red House and how they both liaise with other emergency medical services. Details included how the ambulances are dispatched and how they are staffed as well as the training given to the drivers and medics, how patients are assessed and where they are taken to.

Tony also described how the general public can assist by recognising life threatening medical conditions and carry out very basic first aid including dealing with major bleeding, assisting breathing difficulties and how to cope with an unconscious casualty. Heart problems were also covered including cardiopulmonary resuscitation better known as CPR.

Less familiar aspects of the service were described, including the Hazardous Area Response Teams who work alongside the other emergency services to retrieve and treat casualties in dangerous environments.

Dec 2012 - Ambulance Services

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