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Take Action on the Strategic Local Plan by February 19th

Presentations from the 4th February Meeting

Iceni Projects - Explaining the SLP Process

What the SLP Means for Harpenden

Why the SLP is Unsound

Infrastructure - How Will We Cope

4th February 2016 Public Meeting

Update on the Strategic Local Plan

Left to Right: David Churchill, Cllr David Williams, Joanne Wicks, Cllr.Teresa Heritage

SLP an alleged ‘disgrace’

Rothamsted’s Fowden Hall was packed with over 200 Harpenden residents on Feb 4, to learn more, and better understand, the implications of St Albans District Council’s Strategic Local Plan (SLP).

Following an introduction to the statutory, but tortuous, planning and consultation procedures by David Churchill came detailed presentations, notably one from Joanne Wicks QC, representing Harpenden Green Belt Association. She expressed the view that, from a legal standpoint, the SLP was not only a ‘mess’, but a ‘disgrace’, especially in relation to its proposals for building on Green Belt adjacent to the town. Preceding Joanne was County Cllr. David Williams who outlined what the SLP meant for Harpenden and finally County Cllr. Teresa Heritage with her personal view of Infrastructure.

Video interviews  from the evening

Ron Taylor interviews David Churchill from Iceni Projects

David Williams

Joanne Wicks

Terry Heritage

Chris Marsden

The Society’s response the the St Albans District Councils SLP can be found here